Stony the Road Warrior


I met Stony before the Outbreak. He did not ask for this it just happened. It was rumored he had finished  GORUCK Selection. It was a peaceful time he lead a quiet life with his wife and son building cars for something he knew was coming. Hidden in a quiet little area in Canada with a silo as a bunker. I was fortunate enough to put a few miles in with him with the Jeep I had before purchasing my Ramcharger Rougarou. I knew that he was destined for this.



I am telling his story because he is out making sure that bandits are not hijacking crucial shipments of hand sanitizer and much needed household goods during these trying times. Keeping the roads safe and secure for those who can not protect themselves.


This Plymouth was made for these times and I am glad he is out there. Bandits beware of this Canadian Road Warrior.


You have the North and I have the South. Till I see you on the roads in my Ramcharger be vigilant. Your favorite Louisianimal Bomber


We appreciate the work you are doing out there thank you and God Bless.




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