Hey y’all. I enjoy beer. It is hard to write a story about beer. Beer is best enjoyed in a cold  frosty mug filled with draft, a can iced in your favorite cooler, a bottle from a six pack, a cup at your favorite sporting event, or a freshly filled growler from your favorite brewery. Mine is Great Raft in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Great Raft says “Drink Real Beer” I agree. I am not a fan of certain beers. Let’s say beers that are the opposite of heavy or beers that might be ultra. Watering down anything is ugh AF.

I am fortunate that living in Jax Beach I am surrounded by several micro breweries and a healthy selection of beers from all over.

Anyway that is another story. I sit down with my friend Mel and we sampled a few cold ones and talked beer. She like me enjoys good craft beer. We have a few and talk about our favorites. Thank you for your time Mel.

Beer is good y’all. Crack one open, have a few on standby , and drink with us as we underwhelm you.

Beer here.


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