It is a different life being from the boot. I live in Jax Beach, Florida and I sometimes get confused because the local news coverage is always the same. Florida man and Louisiana man doing some crazy shit. Its the same kinda dude.

I suppose that Jax Beach realized I get homesick every so often because just recently we started having drive by shootings just like back home. I was not that homesick so please stop.

Maybe I started this in the wrong direction. It is supposed to be about adventure and day trips. I refuse to change the title. Maybe it should be a Louisianaimal in Jax Beach working at GORUCK, hunting sharks teeth, surfing and skating poorly, taking care of dogs, rucking, and mini trips in Betty my Jeep with Wicked Punkin. I had so many places to go in Louisiana that were super rad. I needed to find the local treasures. I think I will just stick to the original title because it is pretty catchy.

This story is for the folks like me that can’t afford the 2 week trips to BFE post card looking place with your passport getting stamped and looking all cool. It is about adventure where you live. Rule number one is use the Google…

So here are a few cool spots I have been to all less than an hours drive with the exception of one. I will not name these and do all the work for you. So I will use made up names.

fuck yo couch

Sharks Tooth Cove Of  Destruction

When I moved here I was so stoked to live near the beach. One of the things I wanted to do was find some sharks teeth. I googled and low and behold there was a spot close by. I have been so very surprised at how many of my co-workers have lived here a few years and have never hunted sharks teeth. It’s addictive AF.

I drove Betty there and the search began. Within 15 minutes I had three nice sharks teeth. I was hooked. The best part about this hobby is it is relaxing and takes your mind off any stress you have. Waves crashing and pretending to be an archeologist. So far I have found a few different colors of sea glass, a spearhead, and various other small fossils. Wicked Punkin does a much better job at finding sea glass then I do. I have amassed a pretty nice collection. All from a place where we can have adventure less then an hour away.

Haunted Pirate Death Bay

This has been one of the most rad places I have been to so far. You even get to ride a ferry to get there. Then drive along the coast and it is some of the best Florida has to offer. You park, pay your State Park fee of a few bucks, walk about a 1/4 mile then holy hells. Be prepared to be stunned.

Hidden Hole In The Ground 

This prehistoric cavern is so freaking rad. You can snorkle and dive in it and its breathtaking. That is all y’all get.



Hurricane Irma 

I was never fearful of Hurricanes till Katrina. I use to surf them back in the day. Now not in an actual hurricane. Like when Ivan hit the Florida panhandle I was in Surfside Texas surfing smooth, slow, sweet, waves.

A week before I moved to Jax Beach Hurricane Matthew hit. I was like great there goes my deposit on my rental. Thankfully it caused minimal damage here.

Irma, well I was all packed to go. It was just the pups and me as Wicked Punkin was activated with the National Guard relief efforts. I waited to the last minute as I did not have the cash to go sitting in traffic burning up gas on the interstate traffic jams. Thankfully it slowed down and was not as bad as expected. This adventure, ride out a hurricane.


Everyday things 

Bike, Ruck, Walk, go to a park, or just get a hammock and look at the sky.  Go outside, skateboard, go to a cigar bar.

Have fun and do it in the area you live. There will be a day when I am living out of my Jeep and it will make for some amazing stories.

Make your own story. Start now.


LB skate


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