50th Year (Part 2) Wicked Punkin #OilFieldTrash and #BomberBash

18921661_10203263929594896_4646446176015255566_nI did not really know where/how to continue this. Jason McCarthy wrote a story about Monster the President of GORUCK who also happens to be a dog. Do not tell him he is a pup please. Anyway he swallowed some rope from a toy and ended up having emergency surgery. That story is here.
So Monster said this. “I’m Monster and we’re fighters. It is who we are, it’s in our blood. We fight.”
I fight. I have fought before. Not long ago with my fists, embarrassing yes – on second thought, no. That guy needed his face beat. Some people need to be taught a lesson because they do really dumb shit. I was stupid to do it. Fight for the right reasons.
I am surrounded by warriors at work. They fought so a lot of us do not have to. It is a honor to be around them. Ok, I am getting away from what I am trying to share with y’all. We will loop back to this.
A while ago I gave up. Not going to share much about that. But I will say my liver was damaged. Let me sat my liver is still damaged. I fought demons. I fight demons. Most of the time with craft beer and bourbon. Side note. If you are a man and drink. Do not use a straw.
So things worked out. I am happy here at GORUCK. I like the people I work with. Let me say I value them. I have worked a fuck ton of jobs. Construction, oil field, Bath & Body Works, Gap, Powder Coating, (Goad Custom Coatings) Barber, and now for GORUCK. Holy hells y’all I am a Marine. I loved the oil field I liked saying I am oil field trash. I loved the Marines the most.
You know what I like about GORUCK? I believe that they let me have special rules. Not just being able to say mostly what I want to 19,000+ people. They let me be me. I sat down with Jason one day and he told me if I do not get in trouble every so often, that I am not being me. I am thankful that I get to be a Marine again. I get to make mistakes, get ragged on Team House style, then move the fuck on.
So, this is the part that sucks. The Twin City Bomber Bash. There are  so many people to thank. You know who you are. I need a break. The last year has been insane. Moving to Florida. Ole Nobody Customs has expanded about 12x building all the cool shit and will be selling Nobody’s Girl tees to all the ladies. So, Will and Rachel Jordan have had another baby they are my family.
I ramble. Neecy and Wayne from the Dragstrip Phantoms, and a bunch of other folks have messaged me about the Bash in 2017. I have ignored y’all. It is hard. To say that we need a break. The Bash will be back. I just need y’all to wait. I do not want it to not get my full attention. There are things I did to make sure it stayed cool. Well cool to me. Never charging for the Drive-In movie and never ever charging a fee to come check the cars out. All was paid for by the people with cars and the folks who bought the tees and merchandise. I have never shared this but every year I was in the hole. Worth it to have y’all as family. Just let us take a break and it will be back. In Bossier City it is my home. I can’t say thank you enough. Y’all have no idea how much you mean to me.
Back to the warriors at work. You know who you are. One is the founder, one is my direct boss, and three Regional Managers. Take note of this. I value them. Thank you for what y’all did when I needed it. Thank you for your service and sacrifice I apologize that my service was not at the level I wanted it to be. Thank you for telling me that is ok.
Family, I do not post much about them. They are most important. I would slay peoples with a hatchet to protect them, hump 1000 miles non stop to make sure they are good. I do not need anymore words. They feel it.
I look forward to what happens. I am 4 blocks from the beach. Looking for a house to buy but maybe, kinda, sorta, can afford 1.5 miles away. I m not afraid to make fun of myself. If you can’t then you are lame. My pups are still doing what they do. I want to travel and not wear shirts. I want to meet cool people and have beer with them.
I have never and will never be cool. My Mexican says these words. “you can’t get mad if it is funny” write that shit down. I kicked cancers ass and wait for it to return. I am hopeful I handle it well.
Thank you GORUCK you let me be me again. You let me be down to fish.

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