Northstar Gear Company Pace Lid

1.). Wow, you have a  website! How excited are you? 

I am very excited. The amount of positive support I have received  to get to here has been amazing, I am grateful and excited to have a place that people can visit, read posts, and get a shirt at. Soon enough there will even be lids for sale there.

2.) Do you have an estimated date that PACE lid will be live on the site? Mid summer? Fall maybe? 

The Kickstarter projected a fulfillment window of August. I hate to over promise, so we will leave it there. Hopefully we will beat expectations.

3.) The shirts looks great, love the colors. Are you planning to add any more outdoor wear to the line up? 

Thanks, I love the shirts too. My friend Matt did the art and I picked really nice Next Level shirts to have them printed on. The faded look of the Northstar shirt and the nice green on grey in the PACElid shirts came out just how I wanted. 

We also have Nalgenes and Survival kits on the site at the moment. I am currently developing a few more unique outdoor gadgets, but all good things take some time to tweak and polish before revealing, so stay tuned.


4.) The survival kit looks solid. Are those items reflective of what you carry in your kit previous to PACE lid?  

Yea the kit is very well rounded. I hate to answer questions with “it depends”, but that’s the case for this. Yes, it looks almost identical to a kit I have that I take out with me when I expect to be out a few days.

Critical are redundancies for fire and water. I feel strongly about having a small sewing/repair kit because clothing and gear often needs repairs when you are in unforgiving places. I also think that a small fishing kit is very practical to have since most of the time I am close to streams and lakes that have fish and super primitive fishing isn’t fun when you are hungry. I think fish taste better than insects and a lot of the time that’s what you are left with choosing when hungry and tired. Of course there is the snare option and other things – but that’s not as easy and plentiful as you might think in the mountains.

5.) Right now anyone can shop the site and purchase t-shirts or the Nalgene bottles with the PACE lid logo. The survival kit will go live with the PACE lid? 


6.) Are the rumors true that PACE lid might be used in space? 

Yes,  NASA physicists are working to outfit a trans planetary crew with the basics. Those guys are very smart and its nice to see that they also appreciate how important shelter, fire, water, and food can be.. especially in space where those are difficult to procure.

7.) Do you mind telling us how many testers will be using the PACE lid and giving you feedback? 

I have 100 testers lined up to receive between 1 and 4 different lids to test various aspects and provide feedback to me about.

8.) Will you be making any Kleen Canteens with the North Star Gear Company logo? 

I asked Klean Kanteen about the prospects of what they call “co-branding” but it sounds like that isn’t a possibility for us here at Northstar since we don’t meet their criteria. The first is that we cant have any photos of the lid on their bottles.. the second is we need a brick and mortar store. Since I already have a picture of the lid on the bottle to show it fits, we broke rule #1, and the only place to get the lids at the moment is online at so that disqualifies us from rule #2.

9). Coffee or tea? 


As a general rule: If you don’t like dirty bean water, I’m much less likely to trust or like you.

10.) Do you have any advice for any other entrepreneurs wanting to make their dreams come true?

A year ago I would have said you were crazy if you told me I was going to start something like this. I might still call you crazy anyway. I found that it was much more involved to get this going, but its fun and rewarding to learn about new things. If you have a good idea, make it happen. The world needs good products that support our goals of getting after life, not more cheap shit..image1

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