Survival Stuff and Things: PACE lid

image1Survival Stuff and Things

Chris Way is a modern day mountain man.

Through need you make the shit you need. Chris has developed the PACE lid. PACE stands for Primary, Alternative, Contingency, Emergency. Sometimes unforeseen things happen. Also known as SHTF. This small and waterproof lid attaches to your water bottle with plenty of room to store all the small things you might need. Keys, bandaids, cash, ID, meds, and whatever else you can think of. It’s just the right size to carry everywhere.

I like that you can carry this and have water virtually anywhere or ’til you get to a larger EDC, basecamp, or your vehicle. It’s designed to attach to a wide mouth Nalgene, MSR, or Kleen Canteen. U.S. patent pending.

Please checkout the Kickstarter for this product. As always ,I encourage you to support American small business and especially entrepreneurs making a quality product. Please share the link with your friends.

A little about Chris.

Chris has been climbing since the Stone Age and has pretty much climbed everything worth climbing West of the Mississippi. Growing up in Israel and California, he learned to navigate with the Beduins of the desert and to climb as many rocks on as many continents as possible.He is comfortable on land and sea, and he brings subject matter expertise to GORUCK Expeditions events. When not working he’s often found pulling on big rocks, or chasing his kids around Colorado.

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