Commuter Wear

My quest to be a fancy man has me picking up a few necessities. One of them being a denim jacket. I selected and ordered the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket style #15940006, size XL in indigo denim. MSRP $148.00, purchased on sale for $105.90 from

I was drawn to the commuter style jacket due to my love of riding my MTB in an urban environment. The tail of the jacket is tapered in the back to cover your butt while riding. The sleeves are extended at the cuffs with dual snaps to snug up the cuff. There are two pockets in the middle lower back just like on a riding jersey. The one on the right is zippered the other has a single snap. They have enough room for a water bottle, energy bars, and your cell phone. Both front hand pockets are zippered with a snug fit. The two chest pockets and the front of the jacket use snaps as well. It has a hidden hood in the collar, that stows away with a zipper. On the back are two reflective tabs. The cut is slim, so I ordered a size larger than usual. 

Coated with water and dirt resistant EcoRepel protectant, water beads up on it, but it will eventually absorb into the fabric. There is a light liner in the shoulder area and back on the interior much like a sport coat.

My thoughts on this jacket are as follows:

My only disappointment is that it is made in China, shame on you Levi Strauss Company. I like how the jacket fits and the location of the pockets, it is a true slim fit jacket with enough room to wear a dress shirt under, both comfortable and stylish. There is minimal wind protection perfect for a chilly day. Or when you want to ride, go to your local brewery, or a casual engagement. It covered my IWB holster with a Glock 42 with no detectable bulge.

I look forward to seeing how it looks as I use it over the years. I have been paring it with Levi 511’s and Red Wing Iron Rangers. While riding I will exchange the Red Wings for my Vans.

Thank you for all the views, likes, and comments on my first post! I have several items to review along with some interviews coming soon. The topics ,like me, will be all over the place.

5 thoughts on “Commuter Wear

  1. I’ve been meaning to find one of these, but I need another mid-weight jacket like I need a hole in the head!

    My buddy found one at Ross/Marshalls or one of those stores in the Philly area for $40 or so…. Was a steal!


  2. Good review on the jacket. It is disappointing than Levis makes most of it’s products overseas. They do have some Made in the USA stuff. At a much higher price point though.

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    1. I agree! I get disappointed when I see companies like Levi Strauss and a few other traditional companies you associate with the USA. Either making or assembling their products overseas.

      I have looked at the higher tier line and can’t justify the price point. Though I do appreciate the style and craftsmanship.


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